Bye Hyypia and Good Luck

Sami Hyypia leaves Liverpool after he play for 10 year with this team. He plays for Bayer Leverkusen in the next season. At last match when Liverpool versus Tottenham Hotspurs he play as captain and substitute for Gerard. And after the match he had cried and prays Liverpool can be a champion in the next season.

When he was played for Liverpool, he makes the defence of Liverpool become tough. Now he went and leaves a lot of memories for Liverpool. And I think him feasible for called Liverpool Legendary Playertepuktangan.

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Ecko said...

Bye, Sami. Thanks for everything you did in Liverpool. You were a great captain, even you've never lifted a trophy with your arm. :D

yusa said...

wah sy udh lama ngga nonton bola lagi denger info ini jd menarik jg nih..

Anonymous said...

thanks for the visit nice blog-------take care


osman.saftari said...

so long, Sami..

so who will be in the squad next season?

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