Make Money Online with Google Adsense

If you read title post above, you maybe think make money online is easy way. Is it true? To answer this question is not easy. Why? Because there are many people who make much money from internet and in other side some people feel difficult make money online.

I am is a beginner in this part, so I always learn day by day and try to get much money. If I found some idea or good topic that I have learned off course I will post it in this blog. Which program that I have joined? There are many programs that can make money online, but I choose some of them because some reason and the reason is that program easy to get money. But we must do something for that.

The program is Google Adsense.

This PPC (Pay Per Click) is the best program that I ever joined, if we accepted by Google Adsense, we only take some code and put them in a part of our blog/website. And if there some guest visit our blog and interest with that ads then click it, we get some money. To get much money from this program, we must have many traffic to our blog and to get traffic there are many ways and one of them is SEO (Search Engine
Optimation), Ok I will learn every day about this cause until now I only get little money from adsense (this is from my other blog). But I am sure in the future, I will get much money. If you read this post and want to help me and give some ideas or instructions please drop a comment, I am appreciated that:love:. I will add other program in the next post.

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otto said...

nice info, i vote 1 klik =)) =)) =)) =))

otto said...


Le Promeneur said...

Very useful.I will think about it and I am waiting for the next post.;;)

Donda said...'s very hard to get money with adsense...I only get $10 in 3 months...but I try to get more...never give up Baby!

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