Vestibular neuritis

Do you ever feel your room like spinning? This is called vertigo. This situation caused by lost of balance. One of disease that has signed like that is Vestibular neuritis. This disease occurs when vestibular nerve which in your inner ear becomes swollen. This nerve have functioned to take care our balance and connect our inner ear to brain. So if this nerve swollen or inflamed, make our balance disturbed. And appear sign like vertigo.

What causes vestibular neuritis?
This disease often happens after a viral infection like cold or flu, so many expert resume vestibular neuritis caused by virus.

Beside vertigo, there are another sign which appear like nausea and vomiting. And this disease doesn't cause hearing loss.

How is vestibular neuritis treated?
This disease usually goes away without any treatment. Another opinion said that bed rest for 1-2 days is very helpful. If we go to physician for consult this disease, we may take drug called corticosteroid such as methylprednisolone.

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