How Choose The Best Diet Plan For You.

Diet is essentially temporary. Because our live is not temporary, then we must have a diet program that most suitable for us. Which diet program suits for you?
Ok, let’s see some diets programs that have been popular out there.

South Beach Diet which was developed by Florida Cardiologist named Arthur Agatston. These cardiologists prescribe this formula to his patients. The main principles of this diet are do not eat fats, do not eat carbohydrates such as sugar etc.
This diet is not a good diet and most effective way to lose weight but this diet is a good example. For the long term, this diet may allow us to consume food that is not good for our bodies.

Other diets that are very popular are Dieta Atkins. To follow this diet, you must follow the very extreme rules. Such as eat food low carbohydrates and high in protein. Concept used by this diet is ketosis. Which excess fat in the body will be burned and used as fuel which will eventually be able to lose weight. This diet is recommended by many different people and making it the best diet, but this diet is not the most effective for losing weight. In fact, people who follow this diet besides eating foods high in protein also eat high-fat foods. In other things this diet does not emphasize foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, it’s was very influential on our welfare. So, you don’t do this diet for a long time, or choosing this diet as a diet for your life.

There are many more well-known diets out there such as dieta mediterranea or dieta Fricker . From many diet that are available, which one works or suitable for you? To answer this question depends on your needs in the current time. You want to lose weight or only maintain your weight.

There many diet programs that do not emphasize of the important of regular exercise. If do a sport exercise, it will be able to burn calories from the foods you eat, so we will not be able to maintain our ideal weight if don’t do a sport exercise.

So you must have to learn one by one existing diet and choose one that suits your needs. If you want to lose weight, Atkins diet is the most suitable. But to help reach your ideal weight, also have to avoid foods like junk food, so that your weight will remain stable and you do not have to bother changing diets and replace with another.

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