How Going Outside and Exercising Can Help Combat Symptoms of Depression.

Many of us love being outside. We feel that fresh air on our faces and are immediately transformed. Add in a little sunshine to the mix and we are taken to a whole other place. There’s something about the outdoors that can just help to boost our moods. There’s truly something to that though, because being outside can really help to battle depression. It can help us to achieve a better mood and lift our spirits. If you combine going outdoors with exercise, then you’re in for a very powerful combination that will help to make you a new and improved version of yourself. If you don’t believe it, then just try it. Combine your exercise efforts with the outdoors and just see how much better you feel, almost instantly! So what is it about the outdoors and exercise that can help to battle the common symptoms of depression?

It Can Help to Improve Our State of Mind

Within depression it is very easy to focus on all of the negatives, rather than the positives. One way to combat that is to keep your mind busy and to free it from any stress. When you exercise and breathe in fresh air, you are doing just that. You are liberating yourself from any stress that you may be feeling, and this in turn helps to boost your mood. Your state of mind can go from sad and forlorn to content and happy. Both fresh air and sunshine, along with exercise help to improve our current state of mind—and that’s quite important when it comes to depression.

It Balances Out Our Hormones

With many forms of depression, there is some sort of hormonal imbalance. The only way to regulate this, even beyond medication, is to get back to basics. We know that being outside can be quite therapeutic for our mind. We also know that exercise can help to clear a busy mind and one that is filled with negative sentiment. When we exercise and enjoy the outdoors, we are working to balance out our hormones. As our body releases endorphins, we are naturally put in a better mood. This is all good for depression and helps to keep the hormones at a natural and functioning level.

It Improves Our Self Esteem and Sense of Worth

With depression, we often feel that we’re not good enough. When we’re exercising, we’re doing something that’s good for us. When we’re outside, we are getting back to basics and focusing on a sense of reflection and meditation. All of this combines to making us feel better about ourselves. When we exercise and we enjoy the elements of being outside, we are naturally improving our self esteem and contributing to a higher sense of self worth. This is all good for us, and can be particularly helpful when it comes to battling depression.

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