List of Derivatives Diseases.

There are several kinds of disease that is a derivative / congenital

"It's already been decided before," is a phrase we often hear when commenting on the behavior or the nature of a person. That is, it was his destiny. Was it destiny if viewed from science? What is clear, there can be a hereditary factor that fate for someone to experience a similar thing with his parents. Here there are 10 conditions in humans are being "destiny" descent.

1. Alcoholism.

Children with alcoholics become alcoholics are not targeted as well. But recent studies reveal that approximately 50 percent of children of alcoholics at risk of suffering a fate similar to her parents.
The last 50 percent to be determined by the environment. This caused a number of genes in decreasing the child's parents, a type of gene dependency.

2. Breast Cancer

The cause is still a mystery, but scientists have found that the mutation of genes such as BRCA1 and BRCA2 are the trigger. Women who inherit mutations of these genes will develop breast cancer. While the boy will experience prostate cancer risk.

3. Color-blind.

As many as 10 million U.S. men can not distinguish red and green. These impairments suffered by the People's more Adam. Why? For receptor gene in green and red are in a position near the X chromosome.

4. Violence.

Its also horrible if a father who likes to do violence on children will decline. Aggressive behavior of boys usually derived from his father's genes. Not only do habits of violence, but antisocial behavior and like to steal. This gene liked to steal more work on women.

5. Obesity.

Obesity is not always due to the environment. There are many cases where people are hard to restrain her appetite. This Is caused by a gene that makes the anchoring function of appetite does not work properly. And these genes decreased. So do not be surprised if you find one family who all of them are overweight.

6. Heart Disease.

If you have family members suffering from diabetes or stroke, may simply be suffering from heart problems. Children of parents suffering from heart and circulatory disorders will inherit the disease. Additionally patients with heart failure will also be lowered similar disease.

7. Twin brothers.

Want to have a twin brother? First check whether there are twins in our family. Twin cases were triggered by a gene that makes a mother to release multiple eggs during the evaluation. Twin offspring are not always decreasing directly to the children, can jump to a grandchild or cousin.

8. Pimple.

Do you have severe acne? Somewhat difficult to cure if it is both our parents are also breakouts. Studies show many school-age children also have a history of acne breakouts on his family.

9. Don’t like milk.

There are some people who can not drink animal milk with lactose-containing substances. Indeed their bodies can not tolerate lactose at all. For infants, soy milk is typically provided with low lactose content. This condition is also decreasing in family members.

10. Baldness.

While baldness is considered normal in men, it turns out it was also triggered by a descendant. There is a gene that is inherited by one party or both parents’ causes the child also suffered from baldness. There are also people who suffer from permanent hair loss, which certainly also caused by one type of gene.

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