Michael Jackson and Heart Attack

I am very surprised hear Michael Jackson die. And I look for what cause that. It was heart attack. Is it true? Yes, it is according from some news that I read.

What is heart attack and how are the symptoms?

Heart attack occurs if our heart being lack of blood supply even stop because artery coronary that bring blood to our heart being narrow or blocked. Blood that come to heart bring oxygen to heart, so if the flow of blood blocked,there is a part of heart being died and after all part of heart being die and can make cardiac arrest and sudden death.

Heart attack symptoms are burn feeling in our chest or pain in chest that creep up to our left arm or neck or jaw. This is called angina pectoris. Sometimes this attack has no symptom or symptom less and called silent angina.

This disease being no.1 killer in United States, so if you or anyone have that symptoms, please call an ambulance and go faster to hospital or if have first attack before, you can take a nitroglycerin pill in sublingual.

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Serangan jantung datangnya tiba-tiba dan mematikan. Ayo jaga kesehatan jantung kita.

Ira_cute said...

@ e. wijayanti:yuup, take our heart

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