Farrah Fawcett gives up from Anal Cancer

Finally Farrah Fawcett gives up from Anal cancer. She struggle for Anal cancer for 3 years. She dies at 62. Farrah Fawcett famous as Charlie's angels stars. She gone after get complications of anal cancer, this cancer diagnosed 3 years ago.

Cancer becomes killer disease last time. But if cancer was found at early stadium, it was operable and is cured. Some times cancer have no symptom, this is make difficult for treatment.

Anal cancer is cancer that arises in the anus. Anus is a hole/place for stool to leave. This cancer is rare type although cancer cells can arise in everything part of the body.

Symptoms Anal cancer are there are a lump in the anal accompanied with bleeding, or feel pain. The other symptoms that rare are itching and discharge.

Treatment anal cancer is surgery for early stadium, include chemotherapy and radiation. For sufferer in last stadium treatment only chemotherapy and radiation cause this cancer was spread to other section of the body.

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Anal cancer said...

Cancer itself is a dangerous disease. Anal cancer is found in rare case. It affects to both male and female. Those who are consented to anal intercourse and with with depleted immune systems are more prone to this cancer. One should avoid smoking. If anyone observes symptoms of it, should consult doctor immediately.

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