Red yeast rice can reduce cholesterol

Do you know red yeast rice? Color of rice usually white, but color of this rice is red. Why? Because that rice have fermented with monascus purpureus, yeast that have red color. So this rice named Red Yeast Rice.

In china it used for coloring food or as a food preservative. But this rice also has another effect that is lowering cholesterol. So this extract have sold as natural cholesterol lowering agent. Why this rice can reduce cholesterol? Because in this rice contains a substances called monacolins and this substances can inhibit the synthesis of cholesterol.

Now this rice have sold in over the counter as dried grains or ground powder or a pill. This is making controversy. Is it a drugs or a food supplement?tension

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Anonymous said...

Oh hi, i'm currently using this as a supplement to reduce my cholesterol. It's in capsule form and easy to take them. To me it has lesser or no side effects as compared to other cholesterol reducing supplements or drugs. I'm glad that i've found another supporter in you.

Zvonko said...

very interesting and useful information, beautifully and clearly presented :)]

otto said...

useful of info, thanks..

hendrie k_bejo said...

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Thanks again.

jakarta spa said...

am trying to diet with this meal. But the supply in my kitchen always less than I need.
Thanks for your information.

Cheers, jakarta spa

anak nelayan said...

nice info friends thanks

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