How get traffic for your blog

If you have a web site/blog, sure you must feel happy if there are a lot of visitor come to your blog. Because with this, your blog became famous and so many people read your site/blog. Off course there is side effect with this famous blog, which is money. You will get much money.

But the problem is: How get traffic/visitor to your blog?

If talk about traffic, it certainly related with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and SEO is a thing that very controversy, cause there are many opinion from expert/master about SEO, so what must we do? I think we must try some opinion to prove various opinions.

And after try some opinion, I found that the core of SEO is Unique Content and Back Link. If you want make money from your blog, must care about the core of SEO. So we must do:

1. Update blog with original post. Don't copy from other source. With unique content your blog will get a high position in search engine and can bring many visitors.

2. Build back link. Because with many back link especially from blog/site with high PR (page rank) can increase page rank our blog. If we have a blog with high PR, it can influence search engine result page (SERP) of our blog.

Higher page ranks that we have make our blog appear in first page on search engine. Way for increase page rank can be read here.

There are many ways for get a back link, I will post it in other post, so don’t forget to continue follow this blog.

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