N Acetyl Cistein effective for Trichotillomania

Do you ever hear Trichotillomania? It is a strange behavior. People, who have this anomaly, always pull their hair until breaks off. Finally this anomaly causes a hair loss.

What is the cause? Not known until now.
Mostly sufferer is a women under 17 years old.
And there are some basic problems that accompany with them like uneven appearance of their hair, bare patches in their hair etc.

Is Trichotillomania can be treated?
Yes, it is. But many experts in this sector don't agree with medication therapy, they only suggest a behavioral therapy and habit reversal.

In Achieves of General Psychiatry at July 2009 reported that N acetyl cystein effective to reduce symptoms of trichotilomania. This is a good news for everyone who have this anomaly or for someone have family that suffer this.

For you who want to buy this supplement don't afraid. There are many brand stores in the market. One of them is below:

Image taken from sparkpeople.com

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BLOG BISNIS MUKLIS|Motivasi dan bisnis said...

Hi Mba Ira, do you selling a medicine? My english is not good but I try to read your article, that is nice for woman if she have a long hair, thanks ya Mba dah visit ke BBM, have a good day for you from BBM

Ira_cute said...

@ Blog Bisnis Muklis : No, I don't sell medicine. I only review about strange behaviour and show some alternative therapy....:D

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